4D Ultrasound Imaging Service


4D Ultrasound Imaging Service

Why wait until the baby’s birth to see their sweet face?! With Brought to Life’s 4D ultrasound services, mommies and daddies can see their little one’s features, close up, while they’re still inside the womb. This imaging option offers a unique and memorable keepsake for parents and their loved ones, as well as the option to get to know your baby just a little better before they’re born.

We are proud to offer Brought to Life 4D imaging options to our OB patients throughout their pregnancy. Ask us about ultrasound viewing options, as well as take-home keepsakes, such as high quality images, videos, or DVDs to gift to grandma and grandpa! Available now from OBGYN Specialists of Columbus.

For more information about 4D ultrasounds, contact us today, or ask at your next OB appointment at OBGYN Specialists of Columbus.

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