As a woman, vaginal health is extremely important in order to upkeep our quality of life. It is important that you do everything you can to keep your vaginal health in good standing. Sure you can keep clean and practice good habits, but only an OBGYN can ensure you are doing a good job and that your vagina is safe, happy, an healthy, which is something that everybody wants. When it comes to ensuring your health, it is recommended that you receive a PAP every three years and an HPV test every five years. However, if you have concerns with your vaginal health it is better to call it safe than sorry, so call in for a checkup at your will!

OBGYN prides ourselves in being transparent in our works. We strive to provide the best female healthcare out there. We hope you can choose us to help you through any and all of your medical conditions. Whether you need to phone us for a quick question, come in for a check-up, or schedule an appointment with us for a nagging concern, OBGYN Specialists of Columbus Georgia is here. Providing a variety of services such as BioTe, ThermiVA, child health, and more!

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Have you heard of Thermiva? As women age, the appearance, functionality, and sensitivity of the vagina and labia can deteriorate over time. Childbearing, hormonal fluctuations due to menopause and time can all take a toll on vaginal health, sexual function, and self-confidence. By stimulating collagen production in the internal and external vaginal tissues, Thermiva┬áThermal Energy…