There are multiple reasons why you may need vaginal rejuvenation treatment. As much as we may not like it, we are all getting older, and as we get older so do our vaginas. As our bodies age, things can begin to get worn. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment can help increase vaginal tightness and help with urinary incontinence. You can also undergo this procedure simply for superficial reasons. There’s no shame in needing vaginal rejuvenation treatment, it is simply the process of life. This procedure can be performed with a nonsurgical, energy-based method. If you think you may be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation, contact your OBGYN today!

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Have you heard of Thermiva? As women age, the appearance, functionality, and sensitivity of the vagina and labia can deteriorate over time. Childbearing, hormonal fluctuations due to menopause and time can all take a toll on vaginal health, sexual function, and self-confidence. By stimulating collagen production in the internal and external vaginal tissues, Thermiva┬áThermal Energy…