Vaginal Treatment ThermiVA Offers Benefits with a Non-Evasive Treatment

Vaginal Treatment ThermiVA Offers Benefits with a Non-Evasive Treatment

When it comes to going under the knife, many are weary about the side effects and recovery process. That is even more true when dealing with some of the body’s most sensitive areas. However, there are also many treatment options that do not require traditional surgery. In fact, women can experience an array of vaginal benefits through a new non-evasive treatment option known as ThermiVA.

What is ThermiVA?

ThermiVA is a treatment of concentrated radiofrequency energy that works to rejuvenate vaginal collagen. ThermiVA works on both the internal and external sections of the vagina in order to tighten and lift the skin, which provides a more youthful appearance. ThermaiVA also helps restore vaginal health and enhanced sexual satisfaction.

These benefits are ongoing and patients report dramatic changes, without the pain or recovery time of traditional surgery. Other forms of vaginal tightening or rejuvenation require patients to undergo an invasive and pain-filled operation. Doctors saw a need for alternative methods, leading them to land upon ThermaiVA Thermal Energy Treatment options.

Are you a Good Candidate for ThermiVA?

If you would like to see results from a tighter, younger looking vagina, as well as experience heightened sexual experiences, talk to OBGYN Specialists of Columbus about your options for ThermiVA. Women often seek vaginal rejuvenation due to aging or bodily changes after childbirth.

Because this is an individualized treatment, it’s best to evaluate your personal wants and needs to see if it would be a good fit. Whether you are a new patient or are a current OBGYN patient of Dr. Rees and her team, we can help find an ideal path that meets your vaginal wants

We know this is a personal experience, and we want to do our best to ensure a respectful, positive experience at all times.

In many cases, patients are able to receive timely results that create a happier, more fulfilling life. Check out a video on how ThermiVA works on our website.

To learn more about ThermaiVA from OBGYN Specialists of Columbus, Georgia, contact us today.