Muscle Building | Columbus, GA

OBGYN Specialists of Columbus now offers Evolve TONE – the latest technology in body sculpting that builds muscle in men and women – without working out!  Evolve TONE builds muscle mass and improves muscle strength and tone with state-of-the-art electrical muscle stimulation, rather than exercise.

Developed by InMode, Evolve TONE is the first and only muscle building treatment of its kind. Evolve TONE delivers electrical pulses to the targeted muscles, causing thousands of muscle contractions in a single session. These contractions offer the equivalent benefit of thousands of sit ups or squats in in just thirty minutes – far more than could ever be achieved in hundreds of hours of exercise.

Evolve TONE is FDA approved to build muscle on the “abs” and “glutes” (abdomen and buttocks) – dramatically improving muscle tone and strength in as little as two weeks. When used on the abs, men and women can finally achieve the definition or “6 pack” that they have always wanted. And, when used to lift, firm and tone the buttocks, Evolve TONE delivers results similar to a Brazilian “butt lift” – but without surgery.

Because radiofrequency energy is used by Evolve TONE to build muscles, the treatment is gentle, precise, and safe – so it is painless, and there is no downtime afterward. As an added bonus, Evolve TONE can treat multiple body areas simultaneously – for fast and comprehensive body sculpting in a single session!

Evolve TONE muscle building can also be combined with Evolve TITE skin tightening, and/or Evolve TRIM fat loss, for complete body contouring that gives you the sleek, sexy shape you’ve always wanted.

Why wait to get the body you love? Call OBGYN Specialists of Columbus to schedule an Evolve TONE muscle building & body contouring consultation – and take the first step to getting the body you want, without diet or exercise! 706.324.0471