Teen & Adolescent OBGYN | Columbus, GA

Being a teenager means experiencing many new, exciting and sometimes scary physical and emotional changes. It’s perfectly normal for a young woman to have many questions and concerns about her developing body, her menstrual cycle, and other health issues related to transitioning into womanhood.

It is important that teens have a trusted and understanding source they can turn to for accurate health and medical information when they need guidance. When an adolescent girl experiences her first appointment with a caring gynecologist at OBGYN Specialists of Columbus, she is off to a good start in planning the course for a future of lifelong feminine health.

Dr. Rees and our compassionate staff offer gentle, comprehensive care – putting teen patients at ease – so that every young female patient can become confident and comfortable in learning to take control of her health. We look at every teen girl as a whole person – ensuring vaccinations are up to date (including Meningitis & HPV Prevention), and offering support for emotional concerns, eating disorders, menstruation problems, and more.

To ensure that your teen’s introduction to a lifetime of female health and well being is a positive one, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ruthann Rees and our caring all-female staff today: 706.324.0471