While the term postpartum generally refers to the first six weeks after childbirth, post-delivery and after birth obstetric care may carry on much longer than those first few weeks. This period of time is a time to celebrate and connect with your new bundle of joy, but also a time to focus on healing and to take care of yourselves post-childbirth. At OBGYN Specialists of Columbus, we provide the women of the Chattahoochee valley total obstetrician care conveniently in one location.

Here are three things (that may seem small, but are HUGE) to remember during those first weeks post-delivery.  

Things to Remember During the Post-Delivery Stage

Adjusting to motherhood after childbirth, whether it is your first pregnancy or you have multiple children, may be challenging. Like every pregnancy, no postpartum and afterbirth experience is alike. That’s why post-delivery care is so important to not only the mothers but the baby’s health as well. We know this may sound crazy, but every other mother and doctor will tell you to rest. Seriously, do it. The female body goes through so many emotional and physical changes during the growing and birthing of a baby that often those six weeks postpartum your body is extremely fatigued and needs rest.

Firstly, ask for help! Asking for help during those first few weeks from your partner or family can be so valuable. If you can rest and focus on feeding your baby and taking care of yourself, your recovering may be easier. Secondly, sleep when the baby sleeps. This is something many new mothers hear and disregard. Your newborn will wake to feed anywhere from every two to three hours, but mostly they will be sleeping. Take that time to rest your body and your mind.

Nutrition is also a key factor to remember during the post-delivery and afterbirth period. For nine months a woman is feeding not only herself but a growing child inside. Often many women put their nutrition on the back burner after delivery, focusing solely on the newborn’s needs. However, concentrating on your own nutrition and maintaining a balanced diet will give you more strength to deal with those long nights. Whether you choose to breastfeed your baby or not, staying hydrated is also very important to your overall health and nourishment. 

Individualized Postpartum and Obstetric Care in Columbus, Ga

We understand that the postpartum stage may be a little overwhelming, after all, your body has just created a new life (or lives). Taking care of yourself during this time is crucial and we are here to walk you through every step of the process, from your first positive pregnancy test to your last postpartum visit and everything in between. At OBGYN Specialists of Columbus, we pride ourselves on the individualized postpartum and after delivery care, we provide all our patients.

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